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(no subject) [Mar. 20th, 2010|10:05 pm]
[Current Location |Heading to work]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Tribue - Tenacious D]

I wish I could think of something to write. I don't really get on the computer as much as I used to. Between working and sleeping, I don't really get to much online time other than to talk to some friends via IMs, and when I'm not doing that, I'm playing one of my new games.

So, sorry for lack of updates, but suffice it to say the past few weeks I've been very excited about the upcoming Furry Weekend Atlanta trip. Can't wait. <3

Other than that, though, I've just been playing Bad Company 2 and Pokemon and hanging out with friends in general. I'll get a proper entry done soon.
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FWA News [Mar. 2nd, 2010|01:41 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |distresseddistressed]

Well, my friends who have had their room reserved for quite a while (probably since you were able to reserve them) just called me and told me their tax return didn't come through like they planned, so they won't be able to go.

Now, this means a few things. Once, that really sucks, because they've been just as excited as me to go, and now they can't go and that really really sucks. =\ Another is that I was supposed to share a room with them on Thursday, so now that's out.. gonna have to find somewhere else to stay the first night. And the last thing... they were going to be in my Rock Band band. Now, I'm short two people, which is awesome. x.x

All in all, not good news.
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This is important. [Feb. 26th, 2010|08:24 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]
[Current Music |Super Smash Brothers Melee - Final Destination]

I have a conbadge now. :3

Picture HereCollapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2010|12:34 pm]
[Current Mood |tiredtired]
[Current Music |Judas Preist - Painkiller]

survey banner

Also I just did the five hardest drum songs on RB2 on expert. oowww my arms. :<
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Random Acts of Kindness [Feb. 24th, 2010|07:59 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |surprisedsurprised]
[Current Music |Def Leppard - Photograph]

I look at life as an RPG. Well, no, not really, but if I honestly did I consider myself to be a good character and go for all those Paragon/Light Side/Good points.

It makes me feel good when I do something to benefit someone else, even if there is no reward, or even if they don't notice. However, I have been noticing a crazy trend lately when I perform these random acts of kindness.

The other day I was in a Micky D's and there was a lady ahead of me in line asking for an ice cream or something. She had exact change, she'd obviously gotten the same item before multiple times. However, this time she got something extra that she didn't know cost something and it ended up being fifty cents more than what she had thought. She had a ten she didn't want to break, and I had a couple of quarters in my pocket so I offered them to her. She asked if I was sure numerous times, and I insisted. She thanked me afterwards and pulled up her purse and said, "You know what, here you go." She pulled out a card in a hard plastic sleeve and gave it to me saying, "I have two anyway." It was a Peyton Manning football card apparently purchased at one of his game in a soft plastic and a hard plastic sleeve. It looked to be in a good condition and she told me it would probably sell good on Ebay. Today, a man came into my gas station while I was working and bought a pack of cigarellos. The total came up to $5.23, and he rummaged for change. He had a five, and asked me if I had a quarter. I thought for a moment after thinking and said, 'Yeah, sure, I got one." and pulled it out. He set the five on the table and said, "Hey man, thanks." As he pulled out a ten and set it down as well. I asked what the ten was for and he said, "It's yours, man." As he was walking out I insisted that he take it, but he would not take no for an answer.

I didn't know what to say, but I had essentially traded three quarters for a (maybe?) valuable football card and ten dollars.

Sometimes, kindness is its own reward.

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What is love? [Feb. 23rd, 2010|07:37 am]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

Well. I might have actually had some good luck relationship wise. It's pretty early, but there's this guy I kind of have a crush on. And by kind of I mean a pretty big one. And, well, he likes me to.

I'm pretty damn happy right now.
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My Life According to Van Halen [Feb. 7th, 2010|04:10 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |gigglygiggly]
[Current Music |China Grove - Doobie Brothers]

Using only song names from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think! Repost as "my life according to (band name)" Write back guys!

Pick your Artist:
Van Halen

Are you a male or female:
You Really Got Me

Describe yourself:

How do you feel at this moment:
Feels So Good

Describe where you currently live:

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Top of the World

Your favorite form of transportation:

Your best friend is:
Best of Both Worlds

You and your best friends are:
Runnin' With The Devil

What's the weather like:
Black and Blue

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
Right Now

What is life to you:
Not Enough

Your relationship:
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love

Your fear:

What is the best advice you have to give:
Dance the Night Away

Thought for the Day:
It's about Time.
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Cops [Feb. 3rd, 2010|07:51 am]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |relievedrelieved]
[Current Music |Star Wars Main Theme]

So, it's a typical night on my third shift at the Kangaroo (Gas station/Convenience store) I work at. Per usual, a group of Police Officers come in and chat up the place and generally hang out, drink coffee, and eat donuts. (Yes, yes, they actually do. But they buy other snacks too, it's just more fun to make fun of them for the donuts). They're really cool guys generally, and tell fantastic stories about arrests and chases they've been in, and one guy is an ex-marine. They hang out anywhere between thirty minutes to hours, depending on how bored/busy the night is.

Well, like I said, tonight was a typical night when three or so of them came in. I was cleaning, as I usually am when they hang out. So they came in, we chatted about random things, and I found out one was a fellow gun enthusiast. We got to talking about stuff, joking back and forth and whatnot. After I said something, one of them said, "Hey, what time to you get off?" to which I replied "Seven." He grinned and said, "Well, why don't I just wait out there until you leave, and write you a ticket?" I laughed, figuring he was joking, and said, "For what?"

"Your tags are expired, man. Went out June last year." I was shocked. The sudden realization hit me that I'd never renewed them, with as much shit as I've been through in the past half year. It also hit me that he'd known, for a while now. He said that he thought I knew, and I just didn't care about it. The conversation went a bit more serious, they started asking me how I could not have known they were out, and I asked them how to get my tags renewed because I've never done it myself. I was pretty shaken up over the ordeal (not too bad, but I tend to get really worked up over things like this), because a ticket is the last thing I need. The conversation eventually lightened back up, and they guy said he was joking about the ticket.

I was still worried, and promised myself I'd get my tags redone, with the money I already know I'm going to be short for my next month's rent. It's inconvenient, but not impossible. And it could've been worse.

In short:
Cops are really fucking cool people.
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A few things [Jan. 31st, 2010|02:20 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Music |Won't Get Fooled Again - The Who]

Not much to say, really. There's been a ton of snow lately, and that's amazing. I was out playing in it yesterday, but then I had to go back to work.

My fursuit is going very slowly, I'll probably continue it next time I have a day off, and my friend can offer a bit of help.

Other than that, it's been pretty boring, and that's why I haven't updated.

Oh, and one last thing, my YouTube account:


I've been updating it lately. You guys should watch. :3
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Car Trouble [Jan. 25th, 2010|09:09 pm]
[Current Location |Home]
[Current Mood |hungryhungry]
[Current Music |TNT - ACDC]

Well, I suppose it's about time it happened. My starter in my car's been acting up for a while now and, well.. it finally gave out today. The whole ordeal ended up costing $270 bucks, which is more than I had in my savings for FWA and my upcoming fursuit project.

It's not all bad, though. My mom's helping me out with the money, and I mean, my car is fixed now, so I mean, that's good. But this does kinda come at bad timing.

I'm still gonna try to at least buy a small amount of foam now, because I've been doing sketches, and I really wanna get this thing off the ground and made, or at least started.

Anyways, I got work soon, see ya next time.
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